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Slideshare is an popular platform for uploading and sharing presentations, documents and infographics. It allows individuals and businesses to upload content in formats like PowerPoint, PDF, and OpenDocument documents. The content shared is public and can be viewed by anyone with internet access.

Slideshare is owned by LinkedIn, and has over 100 million unique visitors per year who view over 20 million presentations. Slideshare can provide high visibility to content creators, and the slides shared can be indexed by Google like websites.

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Popular uses of Slideshare

Some popular uses of Slideshare for content creators include:

  • Showcase portfolio samples/work history to potential employers
  • Distribute informative content to educators and students
  • Share research, white papers, ebooks to establish thought leadership
  • Reach new audiences and generate leads for businesses

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How to Download SlideShare Presentations on Your PC

SlideShare is a useful platform for discovering presentations and documents on a wide range of topics. However, SlideShare does not allow users to directly download the presentations. This article explores different slideshare downloader software and browser extensions that can be used for saving presentations on your Windows PC or laptop.

Why Download Presentations from SlideShare?

Here are some common scenarios where downloading becomes useful:

  • Offline access: For studying slides without an internet connection
  • Retrieving old versions: Presentations may get updated or removed over time
  • Better control: Ability to view slides in your preferred applications at desired pace
  • Reuse rights: Using portions of slides under fair use for derivative works

Software-Based SlideShare Downloaders

Specialized downloader utilities enable quickly saving entire presentations locally through URL or keyword-based queries.

Popular Windows software options include:

  • slide share downloader Online Tool : Provides bulk downloading capabilities with downloads manager. Good for power users.
  • Download from SlideShare browser Website: Offers quick single click downloads while browsing presentations. Good for casual needs.

Key Advantages

  • Maintains original quality and formatting
  • Options for password protection and storage
  • Automated background downloading


  • Extra software installation required
  • Account creation needed on some tools
  • Advertisements in free versions

Manual Download via Screenshots

Alternatively, screenshots captured manually using keyboard shortcuts or native apps like Snipping Tool can also be collated and edited together for adhoc needs.

However, this becomes extremely tedious for retrieving bulk presentations. The methods below are more efficient for common slide downloading needs on a Windows PC.

Responsible Reuse Guidelines

When reusing downloaded presentations, sticking to the following helps avoid copyright issues:

  • Provide appropriate credits/links to original creator
  • Respect terms prohibiting commercial redistribution
  • Seek permission before editing if unsure about rights

In summary, SlideShare downloader software and browser extensions empower users to enrich their PC-based libraries with publicly shared presentations for personalized offline needs while also considering content creator rights.

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How to Download SlideShare Presentations as PDFs

SlideShare is a leading platform for discovering presentations, infographics and documents on diverse topics. While SlideShare allows easy online viewing, users often want to save presentations for offline access and reuse. This article covers different methods for downloading SlideShare decks as PDF files.

Why Save SlideShare Presentations as PDFs?

Here are some benefits of having presentations in PDF format:

  • Portability: PDFs can be easily shared, printed or viewed on any device.
  • Full content: Unlike screenshots, PDFs capture entire slide contents and notes.
  • Interactivity: Slide animations, hyperlinks and other features get embedded.
  • Accessibility: PDFs work with screen readers for the visually impaired.

Overall, PDFs unlock more repurposing flexibility from your downloaded SlideShare content.

Online PDF Converter Tools

Many free online PDF converters allow copying and pasting the SlideShare presentation URL for automatic conversion and download.

Benefits: Quick, no software installation needed

Drawbacks: No signup, Few ads, UN limited monthly conversions